How to Choose Steam Cleaning For Your Home

Steam cleaning is the latest trend for cleaning your home. It is also quite a confusing process to choose steam cleaning equipment which can set you back a good deal. When it comes to deciding on steam cleaning equipment, the most important factors to keep in mind are cost, effectiveness, and sustainability. Basically, you want to ensure you are buying the best household equipment at a fair price, but at the same time, you do not want to compromise on quality. In this article, we are going to look into the different options on steam cleaning that you have when it comes to cleaning your home.

Pressure Washers

In terms of expenditure, if you decide to buy a new one powered with a pressure washer it will cost you in the region of thousands of dollars for a more basic model, while electric steam cleaners, can cost anywhere from five hundred dollars to a thousand dollars to run a basic system. However, if you were to buy a mobile unit you could potentially get the same cleaning results for a fraction of that price. The savings would mount up if you were to go for hot water extraction (steam cleaning), and would make use of high water temperature and pressure to clean faster.

High-pressure water is able to penetrate small crevices and hard to reach areas where dirt accumulates over a lifetime. It is able to remove even very stubborn dirt out of tile and grout that you could not clean with a regular cup of detergent.

If you buy a mobile unit, you may find that you are able to perform a multitude of different cleaning tasks including an entire room or garage on a 24-hour basis. Mobile units can be used on all different colored tiles, grout, or just about every surface you could think of, giving a level of sparkle that also makes your home look very classy.

If you are in need of steam cleaning but are not up to the daunting task of using a typical garden hose and steam cleaner, it may be possible to make use of a vapor steam cleaner that would be able to offer the same results. These vapor steam cleaners are most commonly used for use in demanding cleaning situations and can be found in many different models. You can use vapor steam cleaners to:

  • Clean grout on tile floors
  • Wash a vehicle interior
  • Remove grime or grease stains on vehicles

350 degrees Fahrenheit. These models are able to produce a high temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit water vapor that kills bacteria and germs. These models are oftentimes the most expensive steam cleaners as well as they are also the least portable.

Vapor steam cleaners look a bit like a paint scraper with wheels on them. They are designed to produce steam that is able to melt grease and grime. They also double as a spot remover for anti-bubble paint. These vapor steam cleaners can also be used to disinfectant kitchen supplies.

There are commercial uses for these as well, such as in hospitals and in food industries. Medical equipment such as a syringe (OKC), tubing, sterilization equipment, facial and cavity wash, dental and medical clean up, and surgical scrub pads are just a few examples of equipment.

Dry Cleaning

Just as with cleaning your house, you will find that a commercial-grade steam cleaner is also used to dry clean clothing, shoes, bags, and clothing from wedding gowns to jeans, T-shirts, socks to running shoes, car and bicycle top covers, and much more. These types of equipment are able to extract the dirt and debris from surfaces using very high dry heat. This hot water treatment is able to destroy some of the more unsightly bacteria that may become trapped in your clothing.

Safety in the home

If you are a wheat Hampered, you may wish to select a steam cleaner that is able to clean wool or wool blends such as Prop illum, Ewipe (for fabric), and wool smoke detectors(not for paint). These steamers will also be capable of cleaning plaster, sealants, graffiti, paint, grilles, and rust. They will also be a great investment to keep in the home for emergency purposes and quick-drying children washrooms..

House Cleaning Service

Hire a House Cleaning Service

If you are like me who do not have time, the best thing to do is to hire a professional house cleaning company. Yes, you would need to shell out some cash compared to doing it yourself but it will save you a lot of time that you can spend on something else. You can also be sure that the cleaning will be done properly and thoroughly whether it is just to clean your window, floor, or your entire house.

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