How to Storm Proof Your House to Avoid Disasters

Millions of people across the world get affected by natural disasters every year. Some of the common natural disasters include earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fire outbreaks and tornadoes. These tragedies expose the affected individuals to dangerous conditions. They may cause deaths, homelessness, disabilities and damage of properties. Natural disasters are hazardous because they can strike anytime. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to observe the right safety measures that will make sure your house and loved ones are secure whenever a disaster strikes.

Hurricane resistant homes give the occupants peace of mind. They are stable and enjoyable to stay in. You should not allow your loved ones to become victims of the damages caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Below are the necessary measures that you need to take to storm proof your house and make it secure to avoid damages caused by various natural calamities.

Install Stable Garage Doors

You should install new and stable garage doors that can perfectly withstand storms. Weak garage doors are likely to blow off during tornadoes. Eventually, the winds will get into your building and cause severe damages.

Install a Metal Roof

Before the storm season begins, you should have your roof well inspected by experts. A proper inspection will help you make the necessary renovations before a disaster occurs. Metal roofing materials are the best to install because they are strong enough to withstand heavy rains and winds.

Install Fiberglass Doors and Impact Windows

A hurricane proof house must have impact and wind-resistant windows and doors. Your front doors should be able to withstand debris blown away by storms, which will prevent damages. The best hurricane resistant doors are fiberglass doors. They are sturdy and resistant to the forces of strong winds.

 Prepare Your Yard

 Hurricane resistant homes must have perfectly prepared yards. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to landscape your yard correctly before the season of tornadoes begins. You can get your yard checked or inspected by professionals and designed appropriately to give it an incredible design.

 Trim Trees and Bushes Near Your House

Hanging branches and tall trees should not be too close to a storm proof house. Before the heavy winds begin, ensure that you cut down the trees near your home and trim the hanging branches. You should also trim the bushes near your house, clear the gutters and remove all the debris in your compound.

Get Homeowners’ Insurance

Lastly, you need to obtain good homeowners’ insurance. It should cover repair costs after a calamity. You should not go for basic policies because most of them do not cover certain damages. Therefore, before paying for the insurance, you should check it thoroughly to ensure that your house and compound are fully covered.

If you take the right steps on time, disaster preparedness and management will be very easy for you. Your home is probably your biggest investment. Therefore, you need to protect it at all costs against damages caused by storms and other natural calamities

How To Storm Proof Your House Video by Bob Vila